As the second-biggest cloud provider, Azure doesn’t get as much love as AWS when it comes to cost management, but the organizations that use Azure need to save money as much as anyone else, making Azure integration one of our most-requested features. That’s why is incredibly excited to announce our Azure integration, bringing our cloud resource automation tools to Azure.

This includes:

  • Maximizing your savings with optimized purchase plans based on your historical usage and financial needs.
  • Attributing costs to teams or services by segmenting your infrastructure.
  • Saving time and avoiding mistakes with automated renewal, exchange, and resell of reservations.

What we do

Regardless of which cloud provider you use, the problems are largely the same: opaque and confusing reservations and billing force you to invest time, month after month, trying to understand what’s going on, but you still never know if you’re getting the best deal.

Our platform automates the process, sifting through every available reservation to find the optimal blend for your workloads. Then we continuously check and update your reservations, making sure they stay optimal. We also give you the tools to visualize and understand your infrastructure and costs. At the end of the day, it’s all about saving money. And time, which we’re told is also money.

How it works

Our Azure platform pulls from the official Azure API, so the information is always accurate and up-to-date. We worked directly with Azure Product Managers to build a solution using service principals to access key information while being minimally invasive. As with AWS, our platform can never mess with your infrastructure; what it does is help you get the best deals for the resources you’re already using.

What about multi-cloud?

While we know Azure users are excited to start saving more money, the possibilities get even more interesting for multi-cloud users. Now you can use the platform to view your resources across Azure and AWS in a unified, intuitive interface. It’s a step towards a commoditized cloud infrastructure where you get to think less about cloud obscura and more about your business and your tech.

How do I start?

Try it for free today! Our onboarding process takes 10 minutes. Or, get in touch with us by emailing to learn more.

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